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Dear Valued Customer,

As a new growing season begins, I want to thank you for considering B-H Genetics as your seed supplier. The options in our product portfolio continue to change with our genetic refresh, and I am confident we have the products to meet your seed needs for the 2014 growing season.

Our team has worked diligently to expand the "B-H Advantage" to not only include Superior Products but to add Superior Service to create a Superior Experience. We have added more technology options to our product lineup while increasing our number of local research and testing locations to help give you the best yielding products available for your specific area. We continue to offer a variety of trait platforms while always keeping the same goal in mind: "Let the best trait product move forward." From a call into the office to the floor of your barn, we strive to always provide superior customer service. Our experienced team along with the "B-H Advantage" offers a unique combination in the marketplace.

Our industry is changing each year, and we pride ourselves in providing the finest products along with the knowledge to help you succeed on your farm. To better serve the needs of our customers, we are continuously upgrading and expanding many areas of our business including: research, testing, agronomic services and distribution. Our priority is to increase value to you, our customer. Changes may come and go but one thing will remain the same...


Bart L. Hajovsky