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Better harvests go beyond what any seed can yield.

Our purpose is simple. Help each and every grower achieve the best possible harvests season after season, and do what it takes to make that possible. By localizing product selections and helping growers understand data, we provide you with the tools to improve farm management and overall plant health.


We put every product through rigorous testing in  locations nationwide to ensure that each and every bag of seed can be trusted to perform best where it matters most—your farm.

Featured Product

 BH 8660VT2P

  • Outstanding high end yield potential
  • Impressive standability rating
  • Above average stress tolerance rating
  • Wide area of adaptation


Our 2021 corn product line up has been released.  Take a look at our varieties of corn that can help your next harvest go beyond.


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Success on every farm is about getting the right mix of hybrids with the right genetic diversity to handle whatever Mother Nature throws our way.
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