Recommended Primary Usage Recommended Planting Rate (Lbs/acre)
Product Maturity Group Photoperiod Sensitive Male Sterile Midrib Color Midrib Type Anthracnose Rating Silage Hay Grazing Dryland Irrigated
BH 201SBMedium-LateYesNoBrownBMR-65 xx10-2014-40
BH 211SBDMediumNoNoBrownBMR-62 xx10-2014-40
BH 221SBMedium-LateNoNoBrownBMR-62 xx10-2014-40
Anthracnose rating: :1 (Very Tolerant) - 5 (Susceptible)

CAUTION: Sorghum-sudangrass and sorghum products can develop prussic acid or elevated nitrate levels under certain conditions.
Avoid single, heavy nitrogen applications, especially prior to or during drought periods.
Do not graze very young plants, plants recovering from drought, or plants damaged by a frost or freeze.
*Photoperiod reaction is dependent on planting date and latitude.